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About Woolerina

At Woolerina we pride ourselves in producing the best quality products possible, this is our story...

Woolerina's raw product has already been extensively paddock tested, protecting our sheep from extremes of hot and cold, and weather conditions foul and fair.

Woolerina's natural Australian Merino fibre has been specifically selected for its longer length and evenness to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, durability and softness.

Many Australian Merino flocks have been genetically isolated for decades and are renowned for producing wool of superior comfort and spin ability. These are the qualities we look for each year when we inspect growers' top wool lots, selecting only those that can produce Woolerina's incomparable fabric. Woolerina sources greasy wool directly from Australian Merino wool producers.

From the farm to the customer, Woolerina closely monitors each stage of production - from raw wool processing through spinning, knitting and dying to garment construction - ensuring Woolerina is bringing you only the highest quality and most comfortable Australian Merino clothing.

Woolerina's commitment to remaining Australian Made was taken up a notch in 2010 with all garment construction now happening from the Woolerina base at Forbes, NSW; Woolerina is proud to be contributing to the community through job creation and industry expansion.

Wear it under or over, for work or play. A 100% natural, sustainable, fully renewable garment adaptable to all environments - the ideal choice for everyday.




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